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Hello everyone,

I believe I've come to this site many times in the past mainly for searches. This time I've registered for the reason that I would like to share with the group. I'm a self taught saxophone player and have been playing for more than 10 years coupled with this is, is my interest in everything saxophone, including owning vintages music instruments. Just recently I was able to purchase a Buescher Aristocrat Series I Silver alto saxophone in the HP with 275XXX serial number which dates between 1936 and 1937. For those who know, it is in the High Pitch or HP as labelled in the body. I believe the case is the original one. It also came with a couple of hard rubber mouthpieces, one looks to me like a tenor MP SML brand. It also came with a tube that fits the body where you insert the neck, but the neck does not fit it. I'm guessing there must have been another neck. I'm not sure the purpose of it. Looking at the photos of the similar sax in this website, I can say that this sax was really cared for. I will post some photos next time.

Thanks and happy to join this group.

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  1. by historicsaxwhisperer
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    Re: Newbie

    Welcome to the forum for whatever it is worth.
    There is very little activity here. I seem to be the only regular anymore.
    And I only check in about every month now.

    1936-37 is a bit advanced in time for a high pitch, IMHO. I expect the orignal neck, HP was lost and the replacement a LP does not fit, or it maybe isn't the right neck.
    That makes what you have no real value to anyone, except for simple curiosity or parts.
    Check to see if it has the snap in resonators. Those are very desired when you need one. Nobody makes them, which I think is odd. A plastic replacement should not be a big deal for someone to design and pump out in ther 100s.

    The neck insert, end plug, is so the horn fits correctly into the case, without damaging the body to neck lever.

    Some pictures would be nice to see.

    After seeing your new post, I realize you were trying to put the neck onto the sax with the end plug in. I am happy you figured that out and the neck fits. High Pitch instruments cannot play with low pitch, A=440, and sound in tune.
    Good Luck

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