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by Eugene Blandin
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1 month ago

Conn Tenor Saxophone 1920's

I have a 1923 or 1924 era Conn tenor Saxohone (serial number 99xxx) that my Dad bouht around 1935.  The pads were replaced in the 1990's and it is in working order.  It is in fair condition but it has not been played in 25 years.  I'm looking to sell and need to find out the value.  Thanks

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  1. by JonHuff
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    4 weeks ago

    Re: Conn Tenor Saxophone 1920's

    A Conn New Wonder tenor will be valued anywhere from $300 - $1500, depending on if it is in original finish or not, any history of previous damage/repair, and how the pads are holding up. Pads from the 90s are at least 25 years old at this point, so that will play a big factor. Good luck with it.

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