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4 weeks ago

Bundy Alto 609xxx model, Year?

I have an old Bundy Alto student horn. It is labelled Selmer and Bundy.

I don't remember when I started playing - somewhere between the mid 1960s to early 1970s, though it might have been a bit used when my parents rented and then bought it for me.

I can't read the end of the serial #, due to corrosion (marching band use :)), but it starts with 609. There are two or three other digits. Based on, 

there should be three more digits, and it was made between 1970 and 1975.

Is there a chart that gives more precise dates?

Would that make it a Bundy 2? Or would you need more info to tell?

I know it isn't worth the cost of repairing it. Needs all new pads (leaks, probaly moldy) and new corks (because they might be moldy too - my sense of smell isn't good), one of the sets of keys was stuck (Eventually came unstuck after applying a drop of new oil to the outside, but I assume there is a mess inside - and maybe I should take apart all the posts), and some springs are weak. But I want to see if I can learn how to do basic repairs and tuning, before tackling my somewhat newer, better condition Mark VI.


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  1. by JonHuff
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    4 weeks ago

    Re: Bundy Alto 609xxx model, Year?

    No, sorry, Buescher's records are spotty near the end there, and I don't believe there's ever been any official records released by Selmer USA regarding serial number charts.

    If it were a Bundy 2, it would definitely say "Bundy II" on the bell. If yours just says Selmer Bundy and has left side bell keys, it is a first series.

    Good luck with it.

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