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by lilaeroe
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13 years ago


i bearly learned how to play tenor sax and i am having a horrible trouble w/ intonation and i want to know what i can do to fix it also i cant blow constantly so it sounds kind of wah wich doesnt help but im wondering if that has anything to w/ it but i dont know

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  1. by The_§ax
    (147 posts)

    13 years ago

    Re: Intonation

    I would reccomend getting a private teacher. Or describe to someone your saxophone, Mouthpiece, Reed and ligature set-up. Cheers, The_§ax

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    1. by brace_face
      (43 posts)

      12 years ago

      Re: Intonation

      yeah, i'd have to agree with the_sax there. get a private teacher. there really isn't much else to say....the 'wah' sound could be that you are using too much air pressure; that your mouth is too loose, that you puff out your cheeks, etc. have a look at tips on playing techniques on the net somewhere, or get a teacher brace face

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