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12 years ago

new member - question about tenor selmer bundy 1933

Hi all, I’m new to this forum, but it looks like a great place to get information on saxophones. Looking forward to checking it out further! After a spell of 10 years, I want to pick up playing the saxophone again. I used to play a Selmer Mark VII tenor and was quite happy with the sound, but sold it after I quit. Right now I can’t wait to get started again. I've been looking around and found a shop where they offered me a Selmer Bundy built in 1933, "the first Bundy Selmer" as the shop owner described it to me. Price is 1800 dollars and it sounds like a good deal (because it’s not in mint condition), but I fail to find any information on this type/model. Is there anyone on this forum who could help me determine if this is indeed the good deal I think it is? Or if minor visible repairs (which it has) would greatly diminish the value? Thanks in advance for any help, Rocco

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