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by jazzina
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18 years ago

Help on finding music demos for...

Obvisiously I need some help finding music demos or a rehersal of some music for the jazzband and I personally need a list of AMAZING sax artists. To be specific, I am looking for "Christmas Visions" intermediate jazz ensemble on the computer that is downloadable or something of that sort. The request was given by the trumpet section for their use and I'm there inside help so if you were not reading this I just need help finding... "Christmas Visions" as a download and no it is not on J.W. Pepper as a download-able song. advice... does it truly look like begging if a group of students decide to play christmas songs on a corner to liven holiday spirits and take donations for our up coming Disney trip... I thought it was a cute idea until one of my fellow peers bashed the idea... two requests for this discussion and two answers or more PLEASE!!!

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  1. by Sax Mom
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    18 years ago

    Re: Help on finding music demos for...

    Playing on a street corner for donations should be fine, just put a sign down that says where the donations are going (but check with the court house to see if you need a permit).

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