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by bariwannabe
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12 years ago

intro: who plays bari?

Hi everyone, I'm another "used to could play 10+ years ago and got the itch again" player. I had an alto and a tenor through High School, did pretty decent, (all-state bands, yadda yadda) and then got way too busy to play anymore. My true love was the Bari, which I only got to play occasionally on the school's rental. I NEED ONE! Can anyone point me toward a good old model to look for? Doesn't have to be pro, but I don't want another Bundy II-ish piece. Also, any favorite Bari artists? I saw a PBS special probably 15 years ago of this smokin' old cat, and old black guy that could jam like none other on his bari! He'd bite the mouthpiece and stuff to create his own rhythm section, it was nuts! Who is that guy?

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