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by muzikman_wky
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12 years ago

new here!

Hi guys. Im 18, a college student, Filipino, and i have two saxes.. a soprano and a tenor.. I just wanna ask some tips on practice methods.. i've only been playing the saxophone for 2 years... what should I do to improve my quality and speed?

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  1. by saxangel
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    12 years ago

    Re: new here!

    For tone quality you should definitely work on playing long tones. Like start at G wit no octv. usin a metronome set at 60bpm (or slower when you get used to excercise) play G, G# in minums than A for whole note (4 beats), then go back down to G# , A in minums then to A# for a whole this all the way up to the highest note you can play then right back down to the lowest note & then back up the the middle G where you started. Aim for brilliance on the lower register & fullness in the higher register. For improvement in speed you should practise licks & scales with a metronome increasing the speed once you have mastered it at the speed you begin with. There are some great fast pieces in a Advanced Jazz Etudes by Lennie Neihaus there is also an Intermediate book can play anything you want to faster if you practise using a metronome. Also try playing along with your favorite saxophone players!

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