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by tlyons
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12 years ago

Buescher Sax...need information, please!

Hello, eveyone! My name is Tracey ad I am new to this forum. I actually do not play, anad know very little about this amazing instrument. I have a Buesher Sax (serial #72136). It says LOW PITCH on it, and looks to have Mother of Pearl on it (key pads?), as well. Can you please advise me where to go to find out its worth?It needs to be cleaned up, but looks just beautiful! Thanks everyone!

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  1. by Sax Mom
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    12 years ago

    Re: Buescher Sax...need information, please!

    You can call your local music store and ask for a referral to a reliable technician. You can also get some idea by looking at the prices people have gotten for the same kind of horn on Ebay. Of course, if you find the right buyer, it will be worth more than if you happen to get someone who just wants a horn for little money....

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