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by CountSpatula
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12 years ago

Lost wax resin Alto mpc

The guy said it makes for a good lead alto mouthpiece, and I want to buy one but theres two sizes I believe are 5 and 6...anyone know the tip openings for them? I emailed the guy but he wont ever mail back.

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  1. by GregLauer
    (37 posts)

    11 years ago

    Re: Lost wax resin Alto mpc

    the lost wax alto pieces are desigend to be like the old new york meyer mouthpieces the 6 is a larger tip opening i suggest getting that.....but in all honesty i would see about trying before buying 300 for a mouthpiece is expensive the only solution for lead alto is practice long tones and overtones to boost your sound changing to a louder piece doesnt always get the best results learn to blow thats what i enevitably had to do i quit searching for a louder and louder piece and just practice playing loud hopes this helps

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    1. by chiamac
      (586 posts)

      11 years ago

      Re: Lost wax resin Alto mpc

      well $300 isn't much if you know what you're looking for, and you know it is what you're looking for. but it's $200 too much to spend on getting louder. If you're not loud now, or don't have the control you need, a new piece isn't going to give you that. Plus, my link is very tempermental and hard to control at times, it takes a little getting used to. my opinon.

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      1. by CountSpatula
        (602 posts)

        11 years ago

        Re: Lost wax resin Alto mpc

        Thanks a lot. I haven't bought the mouthpiece yet but I'm not sure if I will. My teacher gave me a Beechler Diamond Inlay...its a lot louder than my vandoren java and super session. I don't know if I Can play any louder because the louder I try I get very flat...

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