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by sebastian sax
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18 years ago

old saxes-need appraisal

I have 7 saxophones that i aquired for free....i was wondering if anyone could tell me what they are worth? the models are as follows. Alto Saxes Buescher Aristocrat SN: 327506 140; Conn 6M VIII A 305100 L; Conn 6M E 331351 L; Martin Handcraft 66858 Low Pitch(need a neckpiece for it); King 100872...Tenors...Conn 1119954 T M265506 L; Conn 47069 (M.J.Kalashen "The Yankee"-engraved on bell) If anyone could inform as to what the values are, or ointme in the direction as to where i could find the values, i would greatly appreciate it!

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