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21 years ago

Hello All

I'm new to this forum, so I thought I would introduce myself and get to know everyone else here. I have been playing the alto sax since the early 70's, and I am lucky that among my teachers, I was able to study briefly with Lee Konitz here in New York. I play a 1954 "The Martin" alto, like the one Art Pepper used to play, and I love that horn. One of the best sounding horns ever made IMO. It has a beautiful smooth tone, and I like the action and keywork as well. I had a 1945 Conn 6M silver/gold bell sax, which I regrettably sold in 1994. That was a horn with lots of balls. However, I am very happy with the Martin, it's a great horn. My main influences have been Johnny Hodges, Benny Carter(whom I've had the pleasure of meeting many times), Cannonball Adderley, Paul Desmond and Lester Young. I live in a town north of NYC, and I have a few sax playing neighbors, including Mike Brecker and Gary Smulyan. On warm sunny days, there is a lovely park nearby that is deserted most of the time, where I go to practice, and I have met other sax players who also practice there. We pick our own distant corners of the park, practice, then get together sharing thoughts and trading burned CD's and sheet music. I work as a bartender in a jazz club in NYC, which gives me plenty of opportunity to hear some great players. This month, we have a show that will feature, on the same stage, Sonny Fortune, Vince Herring and Gary Bartz. I tell you, it's like being in heaven. Well, I hope to participate in more forums and post when I have a topic in mind. Thanks.

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    Re: Hello All

    Hello from sunny South Florida. Way down here on the Big "O" Lake Okeechobee. Long way from New York. Been playing since early 70's myself got out for a couple of years and have renewed my passion. Have re4cently been blessed with a Selmer ref 36 and the Yani 9930 Sop 2 of the most beautiful horn's around. Unfortunately not a lot of Jazz fan's in the area to chat with so do it all here. I play mostly with a Contemporary Praise & Worship ensemble. Well have fun in New York it is getting to that time of year when the brd's come south from old man winter. Fisherman

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