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by Saxrasta
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21 years ago

Just Joined

Hello everyone! I just joined this forum and wanted to introduce myself. My real name is Shawn Behanna. I'm a working musician in the Columbus, Ohio area. I'm also a graduate from West Virginia University. My professional experience is probably quite different from many out there and I'd be glad to trade stories, offer insight, and help out however I can. Some may wonder about my username "Saxrasta". That came about from my 10+ years of experience playing Reggae (and other Caribbean) music. It really taught me a lot and made me look at music, culture, and many things from a whole new perspective.

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  1. by Nynaeve
    (3 posts)

    21 years ago

    Re: Just Joined

    Welcome, I just joined too! What is your instrument that you play, or instrument of choice if you play various ones? I play an alto saxophone. I'm in our shcool's first Jr. High Jazz band, and it's been a great year so far.

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  2. by Janabyrdd
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    21 years ago

    Re: Just Joined

    Hi! I'm new too. I'm out in Western MA, where I've played in a couple of Reggae bands. Now I'm getting into the funk/jam scene. Good to meetcha, Saxrasta man. Jah Bless. Jana

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