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by ajmoon
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20 years ago

Greetings from New Orleans

I'm AJ, an Alto/Tenor player from the Crescent City, New Orleans, LA. I came across this site while researching soprano's. Looking for an inexpensive, but quality horn, mostly for pleasure but possible professional use. Been thinking of the Presidential series produced by E. M. Winston. Any thoughts or experiences with this brand/horn?

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    20 years ago

    Re: Greetings from New Orleans

    Welcome to the site. The Winstons are ok but i you shop around you can get a Yamaha or Yanigisawa used for about the same price. The Yamaha 50-60 series are great horns. I hav a friend with one and it is great, my soprano is the Yani 9930 soprano it is great but that Yamaha gives it a run for it's money for a lot less cash.

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