SELMER Post-Soloist Scroll Shank H Back to model

This is a great vintage hard rubber, long scroll shank Mouthpiece for tenor saxophone by Selmer, facing size H. This mouthpiece is in very good physical condition. The body shows only a few very hard to see scratches and a very light amount of oxidation which is very typical with older hard rubber pieces. The table, rails and tip are all in pristine all original condition showing no major wear anywhere. The mouthpiece is an H making the tip opening right around .105. We see most of these pieces in the smaller faceting size like D or E and it is somewhat rare to see a vintage with this big of an opening. These pieces have very nice dark sound to them and are very free blowing. We see these pieces in the D facing very frequently but an original H facing is substantially rarer.

Manufacturer: SELMER
Model: Post-Soloist Scroll Shank
Date Manufactured:
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