OTTO LINK Tenney Slant Sig Series Otto Link Tone Edge Back to model

These are special-order genuine Otto Link “Tone Edge” tenor sax mouthpieces which are custom-made using an actual vintage Link chamber cavity mold originally used for the famous Florida “Slant-Signature” and “Early Babbitt” model mouthpieces. These genuine trade-marked Link mouthpieces are made of top-grade hard rubber by the original manufacturer on the original production equipment.

Each serial-numbered mouthpiece is personally hand-finished and “blue-printed” to specification by Paul “Doc” Tenney and each is marked with his own “Slant Signature” and unique serial number to clearly identify and distinguish this exclusive special production model. Available in tip opening of 7 (0.100”) and 7*, each with correctly coordinated facing curves.

This mouthpiece will appeal to players with well-developed airstream and embouchure form who want the famous “vintage Link sound” without having to pay the “vintage price” for an original production version, which has sky rocketed over the last couple years .

An unmarked production model was test-played by many internationally acclaimed players attending the World Saxophone Congress XIII in Minneapolis. Approval was unanimous with several prominent players placing orders for immediate delivery.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the people at Babbitt who worked with Paul “Doc” Tenney for blowing the dust off of the old molds to make this mouthpiece a reality. We would also like to thank "Doc" himself for being the visionary behind these mouthpieces!!

These are the best current production Otto Link hard rubber mouthpieces available in over 40 years.

Manufacturer: OTTO LINK
Model: Babbitt Current Production Tone Edge
Date Manufactured: Current Production
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