OTTO LINK Reso Chamber/Tru-Flex Joe Allard Model (Serial Number: *59) Back to model

This is an extremely rare mouthpiece that was made in the mid to late 40's. It was a special order piece that was made at the Otto Link factory and finished at the Meyer factory. It was called the "Joe Allard Model". The blank is that of a Reso Chamber which gives the mouthpiece a nice dark sound. The finish work was completed with the Meyer True-Flex facing curve.

This mouthpiece exemplifies this specific era in history where instrument and mouthpiece makers were feverishly experimenting with different concepts and research ideas in order to produce the highest quality products possible. It was a time where high quality hand-craftsmanship was valued and expected by both the consumer and the manufacture.

This mouthpiece is in excellent original condition. The mouthpiece has never been worked on. the tip and rails are perfect.

The mouthpiece has a nice fat sound with excellent projection.

Manufacturer: OTTO LINK
Model: Reso Chamber
Date Manufactured: Mid 1940's
Serial: *59
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