OTTO LINK Florida Super Tone Master Single Line 5* (Serial Number: K14) Back to model

This is an excellent example of a near mint Florida Vintage Super Tone Master.  This tenor mouthpiece is completely original, with a serial number of K14 and an original 5* facing of .087".  The piece has very little wear, and even still has its original box and lig and cap.  The bite plate does have a small indention from the being played on a lot, and with reason because this piece is a monster.  It has a huge, wall shanking sound!!!  It does need a pretty hard reed, around a 4 to get its true power to show, but once it is there it is pretty unbelievable.  The sound is also pretty focussed, and very dark.  When you can find an original Florida STM it is definitely worth checking out.  Once again this is a great example of a vintage Florida Super Tone Master mouthpiece.

Manufacturer: OTTO LINK
Model: Florida Super Tone Master
Date Manufactured: Late 1950's
Serial: K14
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