OTTO LINK New York Tone Master 6 Silver (Serial Number: TT26) Back to model

This is a vintage Otto Link New York "Tone Master" Tenor Sax mouthpiece.  At some point in this moutpieces life someone chose to silver plate it.  "Tone Master" mouthpieces are usually seen in gold plate.  First they would put a layer of silver plating on the mouthpiece, and then gold plate over the top of that.  This mouthpiece probably had a lot of wear on its original plating, and the owner decided to have it buffed down and silver plated.  As you can see a lot of the original Otto Link stamping is gone.  You can still read Otto Link on the ridge on top of the mouthpiece, but the New York and Tone Master stamps are barely visible.  Somehow the original facing is still in near perfect condition.  This original 6 measures out very true at .089".

Manufacturer: OTTO LINK
Model: New York Tone Master
Date Manufactured: Early 1940's
Serial: TT26
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