BRILHART Carlsbad - Tonalin 4 (Serial Number: 178198) Back to model

This is New Old Stock vintage Brilhart Carlsbad Tonalin Bari Sax Mouthpiece, with an original 4 facing.  There is a ring around the shank to help prevent cracking, which is very common in these old Brilhat mouthpieces.  Vintage Brilhart Baritone mouthpieces are very hard to come by and this one is dead mint.  It even has all the extras that it would have come with back in the day.  It has the original box, cap and lig, and even the original warranty card.  This is an excellent example of a perfect Vintage Brilhart Baritone Saxophone mouthpiece.

Manufacturer: BRILHART
Model: Carlsbad Models
Date Manufactured:
Serial: 178198
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