DUKOFF BD Hollywood Series II 4 (Serial Number: A303) Back to model

This is a vintage Bob Dukoff Hollywood Metal mouthpiece for alto saxophone.  This was the second series of BD Hollywood mouthpieces made by Dukoff.  A good portion of the originla Gold Plating has worn off, but the Silver Plating that sat underneath is still very present, creating a really cool look to the mouthpiece.  The piece is stamped an original 4 and plays great with a bright, edgy tone.  Very David Sanbornish.  These are great vintage mouthpieces, and you don't see to many on Alto.  A really cool metal mouthpiece. 

Manufacturer: DUKOFF
Model: BD Hollywood Series II
Date Manufactured: 1950's
Serial: A303
Contributed By: saxquest.com