BERG LARSEN Slant Signature 80/2 Offset SMS Back to model

This is a very rare all original 40's vintage stainless Berg Larsen alto saxophone mouthpiece. It is stamped 80 over 2 on the shank. Doc Tenney accurately measured the tip opening at 0.077. The piece is in perfect mint condition and has never been worked on. There is no wear on the biteplate and the physical condition of the piece is excellent. The piece comes with the original Berg cap and lig which are bare brass and are perfect physically.

The piece has a slightly sloping duck bill front that is unique to this vintage. The hand craftsmanship is beautiful with clean, thin rails and tip. It is stamped SMS on the shank and has the bullet chamber. This is a very rare find especially in this condition. It plays great with a very big and powerful sound that has plenty of projection.


Manufacturer: BERG LARSEN
Model: Slant Signature Special - Stainless Steel
Date Manufactured: 1940's
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