BERG LARSEN Slant Signature Charlie Ventura Model Back to model

These are the rarest of all Berg Larsen mouthpieces!! This one is an ORIGINAL 40’s vintage metal Berg Larsen “Charlie Ventura Model” tenor sax mouthpiece. This is one of the very early “slant” Berg mouthpieces, and among the first stainless steel mouthpieces ever made by Berg Larsen. We’ve found in our museum collection an old 1940's catalog for Berg discussing these mouthpieces and you can see that page in the pictures to the right.

This piece has the famous bullet chamber, and is stamped a 100/2 with the offset M, the only facing that was offered for this model. The Charlie Ventura model was available as Model 1 or Model 2, which had a smaller lay, and this particular mouthpiece is the Model 2. It is in excellent original condition, the only real wear is a single indentation in the bite plate as seen in the photos. It even has its original ligature and cap set and is even in its original box.

Manufacturer: BERG LARSEN
Model: Charlie Ventura Model - 100/2 Offset M
Date Manufactured: 1940's
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