BRILHART Great Neck New York - Tonalin 4 (Serial Number: 21524) Back to model

This is a vintage Brilhart Tonalin Bari Sax mouthpiece, serial number 21524. This piece is an original “Great Neck NY” mouthpiece, made in the early days of the Brilhart company. The piece is stamped a 4 and measures about .097”, which is bigger than you usually find on such an early vintage mouthpiece. The piece has a couple very minor cracks you can see on the inside of the chamber, but nothing serious and shouldn’t get any worse. There has been some minor sanding on the table to make it perfectly flat, but the tip and rails are all original and in fantastic shape. A very nice vintage piece and quite rare, you don’t often see these early Tonalins for Baritone, especially the Great Neck New Yorks.

Manufacturer: BRILHART
Model: Great Neck New York
Date Manufactured:
Serial: 21524
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