OTTO LINK Florida Super Tone Master Double Line 4 (Serial Number: E91) Back to model

This is a very nice Florida vintage “Double Line” Otto Link mouthpiece for baritone saxophone, serial number E91. It was originally stamped a 4 but was recently opened up to a 7 by master mouthpiece tech Eric Falcon. The body of the mouthpiece is in very good condition. There is some plating wear but this is very typical for a mouthpiece of this vintage. The tip, rails and table are all in great condition. Its chamber features rounded side walls and a slight roll on the baffle just below the tip. The baffle roll gives the mouthpiece a brighter more brilliant cutting sound.

Fewer of these mouthpieces were made for Bari making them very rare and incredibly hard to come by.

Manufacturer: OTTO LINK
Model: Florida Super Tone Master
Date Manufactured: Late 1950's
Serial: E91
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