OTTO LINK Florida Super Tone Master Double Line 6 (Serial Number: L7) Back to model

This is a 1950’s vintage Double Line Florida Otto Link mouthpiece, serial number L7. Physically the mouthpiece is in great condition, the silver plate looks very good it only shows slight wearing around the area of the table and slight wearing around the rails. The tip, table and rails of this piece physically are in near perfect condition. The tip opening measures right out to a 6 at .090.” The table break of this mouthpiece is also perfectly even.

Like most 50’s vintage double lines this piece packs a punch! It plays with a very nice edgy brilliance to the sound and has outstanding projection with a very colorful resonance.

Manufacturer: OTTO LINK
Model: Florida Super Tone Master
Date Manufactured: Late 1950's
Serial: L7
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