OTTO LINK Florida Super Tone Master Double Line WT Facing (Serial Number: M99) Back to model

Here is a great vintage Otto Link Super Tone Master metal mouthpiece for the tenor saxophone. This mouthpiece features a serial number stamping of M99, and is of Link’s highly coveted double-lined shank, Florida vintage, and is in excellent condition. A facing marking of WT (Wolf Tayne) indicates an opening with equivalency to a 6* link, with a slightly larger facing curve. Tip opening measures out at .083’’. This mouthpiece has a great responsiveness throughout, with lots of room for vocal alteration. A dark and sophisticated player with a round tone, and lots of uniqueness to each individual chromatic step. There's a rich, sweet color to every tone, with an incredibly lively sonic center.

Manufacturer: OTTO LINK
Model: Florida Super Tone Master
Date Manufactured: 1960's
Serial: M99
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