OTTO LINK Florida Slant Signature Tone Edge 5 Frank Wells Back to model

This is a nice Florida vintage Slant Signature Otto Link mouthpiece for tenor sax. The mouthpiece was originally a 3* but was professionally re-faced by legendary mouthpiece technician Frank Wells. Frank opened the piece to .080” making it equivalent to a modern 5 facing. The body of the piece is in good physical condition showing minimal cosmetic wear. There is a little fading to the inking but you can still clearly make out all of the engraving. The rails and table are in fabulous shape and are looking very clean. Its tip is also in good condition, there is a little bit of wear right above the tip but it does not seem to effect how the piece plays.

Manufacturer: OTTO LINK
Model: Florida Slant Signature Tone Edge
Date Manufactured: 1960's
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