OTTO LINK Early Babbitt Tone Edge - Adam Niewood Back to model

This is a true "early Babbitt" vintage hard rubber Otto Link Tone Edge mouthpiece for the alto sax. Originally a 5, it was later professionally opened to .087" by Adam Niewood in NY. These early Babbitt pieces were made after the move away from the Florida plant, but still on the existing Florida "Slant Sig" molds before new molds were made. This is evidenced by the sharp slope of the beak of the mouthpiece as pictured. This piece is in good shape, some scratches on top from a previous ligature but no other major wear. The work on the tip and rails is superb. 

This mouthpiece is very interesting because the original box is still addressed to the Pompano Beach, Florida factory. 

Manufacturer: OTTO LINK
Model: Early Babbitt Tone Edge
Date Manufactured: Late 1970's
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