M.C. GREGORY Gale Hollywood/ Dukoff Metal Back to model

This a very cool one of a kind bari saxophone mouthpiece by Gale Hollywood. The body of this mouthpiece is a Dukoff blank which was later faced by MC Gregory and stamped as one of his Gale Hollywood models. Its original white bite plate is intact and is in very good condition. On the shank you can see the “Hollywood” engraving over a stamp that reads California. This mouthpiece was recently trued up by master mouthpiece re-facer Eric Falcon. As you can see from the pictures the tip, rails and table are all in clean pristine condition.

It can not be stressed enough how extremely rare this mouthpiece is. We've seen thousands of mouthpieces and this is definitely the only mouthpiece of its kind for baritone that we have, or probably will ever see.

Manufacturer: M.C. GREGORY
Model: Gale Hollywood/Dukoff Metal
Date Manufactured:
Contributed By: saxquest.com