BERG LARSEN Slant Signature 90/3 Offset M "P" - Eric Falcon Back to model

This is a 40's vintage Stainless Steel Slant Signature Berg Larsen mouthpiece for tenor sax.  The mouthpiece is stamped 90/3 with the Offset M, but was recently refaced by Eric Falcon to .095".  The piece has a huge, dark sound with a lot of power, and is incredibly easy to control in the altissimo range.  The Berg does have some pitting on the table which is common for this vintage of Berg when it has been played a lot.  This is purely cosmetic, and doesn't effect the seal of the reed, or the way it plays at all.  The mouthpiece feature the duckbill beak, and bullet chamber.  It also has the really long table that can only be found on these early Slant Signature metal Bergs.  This vintage Berg also has the "P" stamp above the Berg Larsen slant stamp on chamber.  These Bergs with the "P" stamp, which stands for "Precision", are very rare. The mouthpiece even still has its original two screw lig and cap.

Manufacturer: BERG LARSEN
Model: Slant Signature Special - Stainless Steel
Date Manufactured: 1940's
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