SELMER Metal Scroll Shank C Table Stamp Back to model

Here is a nice vintage Selmer Table Stamp C silver plated brass Alto Saxophone mouthpiece. The piece was manufactured in Paris during the 1950’s, and features Selmer’s scroll shank style. Tip opening measures out at .058”.

This mouthpiece is in excellent condition, subject to only some biteplate oxidation. All other mouthpiece components look superb, including its original ligature and reed cap.  Definitely a jazz player, this mouthpiece produces a sweet and rich sound, with lots of room for lyricism. Colorful, shapeable tones, with a subdued smoothness create a truly mesmerizing quality of sound. This rare vintage player that should definitely not be overlooked! 

It even still has its original lig and cap set!! 

Manufacturer: SELMER
Model: Metal Scroll Shank
Date Manufactured:
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