SELMER Air-Flow Table E Scroll Shank Back to model

This is a very rare find. This is an old 40’s vintage pre Selmer Soloist mouthpiece for the tenor sax. This piece has the traditional Soloist scroll pattern on the shank, but instead of the horseshoe chamber it has a traditional round chamber, and it stamped just “table E” on the table. This mouthpiece could even be considered a transitional Airflow-Soloist piece, which maked is incredibly rare.  But to find one in such a large opening is practically unheard of. This piece is in outstanding shape too, some minor surface scratching but really no major wear. The tip and rails are original and perfect, and there is no major playing wear on the bite plate. A very nice mouthpiece.

Manufacturer: SELMER
Model: Air-Flow
Date Manufactured:
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