C.G. CONN Silver Plate Chu Berry- C Soprano (Serial Number: 159948) Back to model

This is a beautiful original silver plated C.G. Conn soprano sax in the key of C, serial number 159948.

Physically this soprano couldn't be any nicer. It has over 99% original silver finish intact, with no major wear of note, even on the touch points. The rolled tones are in excellent shape, and there isn't even any wear on the fingernail file G# key. The horn has a matte silver finish with burnished (shiny) inlay in the engraving, and gold wash in the bell.

It is a real sweet sounding horn. It's a unique find to get one of these in such good physical and playing condition.

Manufacturer: C.G. CONN
Model: New Wonder - Chu Berry
Date Manufactured: 1925
Serial: 159948
Contributed By: saxquest.com