BUFFET Prestige Model (Serial Number: 38393) Back to model

This is a beautiful vintage Buffet Crampon Prestige model tenor saxophone, serial number 38393. The Prestige model features a copper body to create a warmer, richer tone. This particular example is in great shape and is a real player.
The finish on this horn is about 90 - 95% intact, with just a couple wear spots on the back side of the body tube and bell. There has been some previous dent work, mostly on the bottom bow and on the neck, but the horn currently has no major dents or dings. Pads are all in great shape and it feels great under your hands.
The Prestige was marketed as a true "classical" horn and definitely fits into that mold very well. It has a dark, rich sound but still manages to create quite a bit of power when you push some air through it.

Manufacturer: BUFFET
Model: Prestige Models
Date Manufactured: 1988
Serial: 38393
Contributed By: saxquest.com