SELMER Lacquer Super Tenor (Serial Number: 16084) Back to model

Here is a monster of a player. It is a vintage Selmer Super tenor sax, serial number 16084. This is a very rare engraved example of a Super

This horn is not a looker, but most horns that are great players aren’t. It is completely original and hasn’t been relacquered. Physically it is outstanding, with not even so much as a ding in the bottom bow, or anywhere else. The bell lip has never been bent or creased. The neck is original and in excellent condition.

This horn can flat-out play. It has an unbelievable resonance, with plenty of projection. It does have a nice warmth to the core sound but can absolutely rip when you push it. Its extremely resonsive in all registers, especially in the altissimo which pops out effortlessly.

Manufacturer: SELMER
Model: Super (non-cigar cutter)
Date Manufactured: 1932-1933
Serial: 16084
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