KING early vintage HN White King Cleveland C Melody Sax (Serial Number: 35591) Back to model

This is a very old vintage silver plated HN White King C Melody saxophone, serial number 35591. This is the oldest serial number we’ve ever seen on a King saxophone.

This is a great historical piece. It invalidates most serial number charts for HN White that say saxophones began at 50,000 in serial number. Interestingly, as one of the very early vintage King saxophones, it still features a trill G# and front F. Its in remarkable condition, showing only moderate plating wear on the keys. The sax has a few minor dings but nothing major, and the body tube, bottom bow, and bell are all straight. It does come with its original neck, which does have the matching serial number. It was also found in the original King shaped c-melody sax case.

Manufacturer: KING
Model: H.N. White Model
Date Manufactured: 1915
Serial: 35591
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