BUFFET Super Dynaction Tenor Saxophone (Serial Number: 6406) Back to model

This is an excellent condition vintage Buffet Super Dynaction tenor sax, serial number 6406. This tenor is in exquisite condition, with 99% original lacquer intact and only minor surface wear, mostly on a few touch points.

Vintage horns don’t come much prettier than this tenor. It looks great. There are no dents or dings anywhere, and no previous work or repairs. The original neck has a very slight pull, so minor that it is imperceptible unless you are really looking for it. The only other thing of note is the left hand octave thumb rest is cracked. 

Most of the pads are original to the horn. They are in very good condition, still soft and have lots of life left in them. These vintage Buffet horns have quite the following. This tenor definitely has a warmer, darker sound, yet still has plenty of punch of power. It offers a lot of versatility for a wide range of styles.

Manufacturer: BUFFET
Model: Super Dynaction Models
Date Manufactured: 1959
Serial: 6406
Contributed By: saxquest.com