C.G. CONN Virtuoso Deluxe Gold Plate Bb Straight Soprano (Serial Number: 153000) Back to model

One-of-a-kind engraved saxophones are extremely rare! Rest assured that you won't find another collector's saxophone like this one. This is a C.G. Conn virtuoso deluxe "finish 000" Bb-soprano saxophone. It comes from the private collection of Frank Catalano. The virtuoso edition saxophones were made by special order only and very few sopranos were ever produced. This sax was quadurple gold plated and finished in a burnished style and is named "The Dragon". Its elaborate engraving features a Greek or Roman God-like figure snuffing out the flame from a dragon's mouth. Every key touch is finely cut and fitted with a shaped pearl.

The sax plays with a beautiful tone and speaks freely up into the palm keys. It has the patented Conn rolled tone holes and its only keyed to high Eb as were all Conn c-sopranos of this vintage. The gold plating shows very little wear.


Manufacturer: C.G. CONN
Model: New Wonder - Virtuoso Deluxe
Date Manufactured: 1926
Serial: 153000
Contributed By: Frank Catalano