SELMER Lacquer Balanced Action Alto (Serial Number: 23654) Back to model

This is a remarkable Selmer Balanced Action alto sax, serial number 23654. It is in amazing physical condition with 99% original lacquer remaining. It's not often that we can say that a vintage horn is mint.....however, this one fits the description! Its especially rare given the age of the instrument dating back to the late 30's.

The only traceable lacquer wear is on the top of the D palm key and the top of the Eb palm key. There is no lacquer wear to speak of on the back side of the body tube or elsewhere.

The instrument is physically spectacular with absolutely no dents, dings, or resoldered joints anywhere on the horn. There haven been no past repairs ever. The bell lip and bottom bow are perfect. The sax has the original neck that is also flawless.

The horn has a darker tonality and is very free blowing.

The sax is shown in the original case which is also in excellent condition.

Manufacturer: SELMER
Model: Balanced Action
Date Manufactured: 1937-1938
Serial: 23654
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