C.G. CONN Lacquer 28M (Serial Number: 350927) Back to model

One of the most heralded horns Conn ever produced - a 1952 vintage C.G. Conn "Connstellation" model 28M alto sax, serial number 350927. After pushing the envelope a bit on the Connqueror models, Conn tried to go all-in on this new horn. At the time, Conn, who once ruled the saxophone world, was seeing increased competition, but locally from King and the Super 20, and internationally from Selmer, who had a hit with the Super Balanced Action and was about to introduce the Mark VI. This sax has some features and keywork that is pretty far out there (check out that table cluster!), and unfortunately it wasn't the success Conn had hoped. It was only produced for a couple years, and as such has become very rare. The back plastic keyguard is almost always smashed up, though the one on this alto is pretty good overall.

Manufacturer: C.G. CONN
Model: Connstellation Model (28M)
Date Manufactured: 1952
Serial: 350927
Contributed By: saxquest.com