SELMER Lacquer Super Balanced Action Alto (Serial Number: 51899) Back to model

This is a top condition Selmer Super Blanaced Action alto saxophone from 1953 (serial number 51899). This is about as MINT as you'll even find a Selmer of this vintage. The horn is in absolutely beautiful original lacquer. It's never had any damage of any sort! The original serial number stamped neck is in perfect condition. There is virtually NO wear to the original lacquer at all even on the touch pieces. The only traces of wear come from some surface scratches caused from a sax stand around the bottom bow to bell joint area. WOW this horn is beautiful!

The horn feels great under the fingers. It can whisper down to low Bb as well as rip into the altissimo. The sound is huge with a fat bottom end. This would make a great rippin' jazz or blues horn!

The original case is still nearly perfect as seen in the photos.

Manufacturer: SELMER
Model: Super Balanced Action
Date Manufactured: 1953-1954
Serial: 51899
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