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This is an extremely rare and extremely early vintage Selmer sopranino saxophone, serial number 4935.

This instrument has a rich history! It was original made at the Selmer factory for Arnold Brilhart, one of the first real masters of the saxophone. It was his main playing sopranino during his lifetime. His initials are engraved in the horn as it came from the Selmer factory (ARB - Arnold Ross Brilhart). This fact makes this a very rare horn and extremely collectible.

This gold plated horn is in exceptional condition, with no dents or dings anywhere. It still has greater than 95% of the original gold plating remaining. Pads on this instrument are in like-new condition, and everything is sealing perfectly.

It really is an exceptional playing horn. It responds great even up into the palm keys. It has a sweet warm sound with lots of color in the tone. The tone it can generate is simply beautiful.

Manufacturer: SELMER
Model: Modele 26
Date Manufactured: 1926
Serial: 4935
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