C.G. CONN Conn-O-Sax Gold Plate (Serial Number: 213995) Back to model

The first approved production model C.G. Conn Conn-O-Sax in the key of F, serial number 213995. This unique instrument is gold plated and full engraved from head to toe. Several keys have production number stamps on them which you often see on prototype instruments. The bell is engraved with the approval mark of James Boyer, C.G. Conn Secretary at the time, and date stamped 9-27-1928.

Chris Watrous completed the overhaul in 2015 which required over 60 hours of bench time to perfect. As we received it, several rod were frozen and had to be cut out with a jeweler's saw. Chris spent hours perfecting the key fitting. One of the most interesting mechanisms, not seen on many saxophones, is that the low B and Bb operate from a single long rod. Similar to a clutch pin mechanism as seen on oboes or flutes, the Bb key has two holes drilled through the hinge tube and through the rod. The hole in the rod is tapped so that two screws can isolate the movement and allow for both B and Bb to be actuated from a single rod.

The sound of this instrument is amazing!

Manufacturer: C.G. CONN
Model: Conn-O-Sax
Date Manufactured: 1928
Serial: 213995
Contributed By: saxquest.com