SML Rev. D - Gold Plate (Serial Number: 11046) Back to model

This is a 1953 vintage SML “Rev D” series tenor sax, serial number 11046. This is an original gold plated model SML. The SML tenors from this era have a reputation for being tremendous saxophones, emotive and versatile, with a big powerful sound and a warm, vibrant tone.

Physically, the original gold plating shows a fair amount of wear, most evident on the back side of the bell and body tube, where the gold has worn and you see the silver plating underneath. The horn has seen a few dings and dimples. It looks like there was some dent work in the bottom bow, where the bow cap was even removed and later soldered back on. The neck has been pulled down in the past and brought back up. The rest of the sax shows just the regular types of playing wear.

Manufacturer: SML
Model: Rev. D
Date Manufactured: 1906 - 1907
Serial: 11046
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