SELMER Mark VI Lacq Soprano (Serial Number: 83111) Back to model

Here is an extremely nice original lacquer Selmer Mark VI soprano saxophone, serial number 83111. This horn has over 95% original lacquer remaining and is a phenomenal player.

The sax is in excellent shape. There are no dents or dings anywhere, and no resoldered joints. There was a bend in the bell at some point in the past but that was professionally brought back around and it now as the perfect curve again, it just shows some lacquer fracturing at the repair.

This is a fantastic playing VI. The response is very fast, and projection is solid. It plays slightly darker than the later vintage Mark VI sopranos. When played softly the sound oozes warmth, and that richness remains intact when you push some air through the horn as well.

Manufacturer: SELMER
Model: Mark VI
Date Manufactured: 1959-1960
Serial: 83111
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