SELMER Mark VI Lacq Soprano F# (Serial Number: 110772) Back to model

Here is a monster of a soprano, a Selmer Mark VI, serial number 110772. This horn has the added bonus of an F#, something not found often on these earlier VI’s, and it is a player!

The sax is in outstanding physical condition, with no dents or dings of any kind. The original lacquer is over 95%, with the only noticeable wear on the thumb rest and around the single resoldered joint on the back of the body tube, which was done professionally and looks great.

This soprano can flat out play. It has a full and powerful sound, while not sounding harsh as some others can. It can certainly fill up a room without much effort.

Manufacturer: SELMER
Model: Mark VI
Date Manufactured: 1963-1964
Serial: 110772
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