SELMER Mark VI Lacq Soprano F# (Serial Number: 273242) Back to model

This is a real beauty, a nice original lacquer Selmer Mark VI soprano saxophone, serial number 273242. This horn is just about as close to perfect as you'll find, and it does feature keywork up to high F#.

The only wear anywhere on this soprano is some light surface scratching. There are no dents, and no past repairs. Even the touch points show almost no wear. The pearls, rollers, and springs are all in excellent condition.

This horn plays with a big powerful voice, and is extremely responsive. The sax really shines when you move some air through it, and plays with a warm even sound in all registers. A great soprano for solo work.

Manufacturer: SELMER
Model: Mark VI
Date Manufactured: 1978
Serial: 273242
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