KEILWERTH Dearman President Silver Tenor (Serial Number: 12251) Back to model

This is a great old Keilwerth produced Dearman President model tenor sax, serial number 12251. This tenor has some truly unique features, such as a pearl inlay on nearly all of the touch points, even on all the table keys, which have a very Conn 10M-like look to them.

Like all the great old Keilwerth horns, this tenor does feature rolled tone holes throughout. The body is in original matte silver finish which shows minimal wear, mostly around the bell where the silver has started to finally wear a little thin after all these years. The sax has obviously been well cared for, and shows no major dents or previous damages or repairs. The neck is original and it has never been damaged or pulled down.

Manufacturer: KEILWERTH
Model: Toneking model
Date Manufactured: 1907 - 1908
Serial: 12251
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