C.G. CONN C.G. F-Mezzo Nickel-Plated Soprano (Serial Number: 219336) Back to model

This is a beautiful vintage factory nickel-plated Conn F Mezzo with serial number 219336. It was made by Conn in 1928 and is a rare and collectible saxophone.

The nickel plating is in very good condition with normal wear throughout. There are no major dents and no soldering. The whole idea of the F-Mezzo dates back to the early days of the saxophone. While we know the sax family as alternating between the keys of Eb and Bb, there was also the idea to alternate a whole set of saxes in the keys of F and C. You've probably heard of the “C Melody” tenor, and perhaps even seen an old C soprano out there, but the F alto, or popularly known as the F-Mezzo soprano, is much more rare.

Manufacturer: C.G. CONN
Model: F-mezzo soprano
Date Manufactured: 1928
Serial: 219336
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